What to do in Stavanger region and Sandnes

Stavanger is a beautiful city and municipality in Norway. There are a lot of activities in and outside the city.

Beaches and bathing

The Stavanger region has many kilometers of open beach coastline. Enjoy sand dunes that meet the sea and white pristine beaches that stretch on forever. Read more about beaches.


The Lysefjord is the most known fjord in our region and Ryfylke, but there are others. See list of the fjords in our area here. Read more about fjords.


Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock) is one of the most visited attractions in Norway, and one of the most photographed sites. Read more.


The majesty of the Lysefjord – Kjerag is a popular mountain peak that towers a 1000 metres over the Lysefjord. Read more.


Kongeparken – Rogalands biggest amusementpark! Read more about Kongeparken.


An easy 5 kilometre hike to Dalsnuten Mountain (332 metres). Get out of town and enjoy panoramic views in all directions. Read more about Dalsnuten.

Sandved Park

Sandnes’ green oasis stretches 3.5 km along the Storånå watercourse, from Sandnes to Stokkelandsvatn lake in Ganddal. Read more about beautiful park.

Tryggvi Icelandic Horsefarm

Tryggvi Icelandic horsefarm holds about 35 icelandic horses and offers guided riding on Icelandic horses i varied terrain and pace. Read more.

How to get to the Stavanger

Direct flights from several destinations in Europe make it easy to visit the Stavanger region whether it is for business or holiday. Come to Stavanger by plane, ferry, car or bus. Read more.


Fantastic 360 photos about Stavanger region

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